Congo Safaris-Gorilla Trekking Tours

Car Rental Congo has tailored the best Congo safaris through its partners that have been offering Safaris to Congo and neighbouring countries . Dont miss the chance after the project work to explore weekend trips in Congo.

Many visitors come on holiday to Congo to see its famous mountain gorillas, Eastern lowland gorillas , sometimes as an add-on to a safari in Rwanda or Uganda, stay for just three or four days and then leave, which is a shame because there is so much more to see on a Congo Safari holiday. With 10 national parks, spectacular mountain scenery and some surprisingly diverse wildlife, Congo has plenty to occupy a longer holiday and certainly deserves further exploration.

Top Weekend Getaways

Here are top weekend getaways for travelers who would like to explore Congo. These trips are organized by Primate Safari Experiences LTD and can be booked any time of the year. For more information email us via or

Where to go on a Congo Safari holiday

Virunga National Park is the most famous of Congo’s parks and is the place that most people come to on holiday because of its renowned residents, the mountain gorillas. Congo’s gorilla trekking is its biggest attraction. Less well-known holiday options are Kahuzi Biega National Park on its eastern border of Rwanda & Congo and  Maiko National Park.