Which Places to visit on a Burundi Holiday

Burundi id a country with numerous tourist attractions and is renowned for its beautiful holiday packages it offers to all types of its travelers. The spectacular landscapes coupled with the different tourist sites have made Burindi a highly sought after destination for tourist.  The list below highlights some of best tourist attractions that you can visit while in Burundi.

Saga Beach

Saga beach is a very attractive and quite charming beach that extends along the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The attractive white sand dotted with shady trees and the gentle water waves make the beach an ideal place to unwind. There are several bars plus restaurants that cater for the different types of visitors. The beach is very accessible as it is located just 5km northwest of the country’s capital city. The beach is an ideal getaway from all the noise and hustle of the busy town.

Karera Falls

Kagera is one of the most outstanding attractions in Burundi and is a very popular site among tourists. The exotic waters of the Karera falls are believed to posses healing powers that act as a medication for the human body. The terrain of this area is quite spectacular that many people travel long distances from different parts of the country to come enjoy this amazing lifetime experience.

Ruvubu National Park

The Ruvubu National Park lies on either side of river Ruvubu along Burundi’s east coast. It is a safe haven for various animals like crocodiles, hippos, leopards, buffalos, monkeys, lions and antelopes plus a wealth of bird species and flowers. The park was primarily established to safeguard the endangered animal and bird species and this saw several human settlements evacuated from this area.

Bururi National Reserve

The Bururi National Reserve is a renowned eco-friendly destination with over 90 unique tree species among which are Newtonia, Myrianthus and Strombosia, more than 80 bird species and various wildlife. The reserve covers about 3300 hectares and is quite a scenic place to tour.

Burundi Museums

The Burundi Museums give tourists an opportunity to learn about the past culture and interesting traditions of Burundi. Some of the most popular museums in Burundi include Musee National de Gitega popularly referred to as Gitega National Museum which was established in 1995, and houses several significant musical items, and Musee Vivant de Bujumbura found in Bujumbura the capital city.

Kibira National Park

The Kibira National Park is a perfect destination for particularly adventurous tourists who love wildlife. The park is renowned for the numerous resident primates which include Chimpanzees, Red Colobus Monkeys, crested Manabeys, baboons and many others. There are over 200 bird species, 644 plant species and close to 96 different animal species.

Burundi Monuments

The culture of the Burundian is well reflected in the various monuments the country has spread out through the different parts of the country. Some of the famous monuments in Burundi include the Monument of Burton Speke which is found Burundi’s Makambe state, the Monument Rotuvu found in Burui state and the Monument of Livingstone Stanley which overlooks lake Tanganyika just 12 kilometers south of the capital Bujumbura.