Kibira National park- Chimpanzee Tracking & primate Safaris

The Kibira National Park is a national park in northwestern Burundi. Overlapping four provinces and covering 400 km2, Kibira National Park lies atop the mountains of the Congo-Nile Divide. It extends north from the provincial town of Muramvya to the border of Rwanda where it is contiguous with the Nyungwe National Park.

18% of the forest is dense green undergrowth and thick forest woodlands especially the section of the west. Some of the species in this montane forest include Symphonia globulifera, Newtonia buchananii, Albizia gummifera, and Entandrophragma excelsum. The entire park area is 400 square kilometers. Not far from the park are tea plantations of Teza and Rwegura


The Kibira is home to a number of primate species, including chimpanzees and black and white colobus monkeys, and boasts over 250 species of birds such as Francolin, hawk-eagle, flufftail, Ruwenzori Turaco, Grey parrot, turtle dove, flycatcher, starling, babbler, and Kivu Ground thrush among many others.

The park is managed by the Institut National pour l’Environnement et la Conservation de la Nature (INECN). This park has been a protected area for several years since 1933 for the royal family


Accommodation and camping is not allowed in the park but there is accommodation in the town of Muramvya and also in the capital Bujumbura