The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the most biologically diverse country in Africa, holds a number of natural treasures and rare species of mammals such as gorillas, elephant and bonobo. There’s a diversity of plants and animals, including the okapi which is found only in DRC in the world.

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve was established in 1992 and it was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1996, it has helped protect the habitat of the okapi and preserved rare plants and animal life, as well as the lifestyle and culture of indigenous people. This Reserve sits on 13,700 square kilometers of the Ituri Forest  and this is one of the most important centers of plant and animal diversity in Africa. This reserve has the largest population of okapi, forest elephants and chimpanzees in DRC, along with 13 species of primates, leopard, forest buffalo, bongo antelope, water chevrotain, and a wide variety of birds and insects, are among the wildlife harbored in the Reserve.