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About Burundi – Facts & Locations

Burundi is well known for its moderate scenery and cultural tours with comparison to its neighboring country Rwanda and the democratic republic of congo that is known for extra primates like the eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Location of Burundi.

It is bordered by Tanzania, DR Congo and Rwanda’s beautiful rain forest and mountainous ranges that host the wildlife animals and primates like a chimpanzee in kibira national park alongside the view of the rift valley tends to beautify the destination although the weather conditions often change all year round.

Accommodations in Burundi

There are also self-catering choices among the accommodation which permit you to control your own ‘safari lodge’ in the wild. There are not several places on the planet where you can go for your own private bike ride and see zebras plus bushbucks on the way, or go on a walk to see giraffes before enjoying a private bush barbeque.

When is the best time to visit Burundi

The Republic of Burundi can be visited all year around according to those planning Safaris to Burundi. Car Rental Burundi team will be available to help with planning an expedition to Burundi at the most affordable prices.

Burundi’s climate differs more based on the region you visit in the country than on the specific season. During the entire hot plus humid lowlands, in Burundi’s southwestern area, average temperatures are 86 degrees Fahrenheit; within the hilly north, temperatures are reduced, hanging at approximately 68 degrees. It’s helpful to know that this country experiences 2 wet seasons; February to May as well as September to November which is the best time to add Burundi safari & Congo Gorilla Trekking.

There are times which are better for Wildlife Safari compared to others like the wet season is usually in the months of October and May and the dry season in the months of June and September. It’s acknowledged that the dry season is the best time for tourists and travelers to visit Burundi.

A hot tropical climate is experienced close to Lake Tanganyika as well as within the Ruzizi River plain. Most commonly it is windy around the lake. The remainder of the country is moderate and pleasant. The country has 2 rainy seasons – the main one starting in February to May, and the other rainy season from September to November, plus 2 dry seasons: the lengthy one from June to August and then the shorter dry season starting in December to end of January

Things to See in Burundi

Car Rental Burundi Highlights the main key things to see & spot on a wildlife safari to Burundi that is tailored by the local tour operator that has been planning & guiding safaris to Africa for over 5 years from 2015.

  • Lake Tanganyika, Karera Water Falls, Germans’ faults, Unexplored Cave of Kayove, Muhweza Hot springs as well as Teza Thea Plantation
  • National Parks: Kibira National Parc, Rusizi Game park, and Ruvubu National Parc
  • Cultural Tourism  to Gishora Sacred Drum, Rubumba Tourist and Cultural Village, Kiganda Treaty, The Intore Warriors, Kirundo and the Agasimbo Acrobatic Dancers, Makamba
  • Monuments plus Museums such as the Source of the Nile, Livingstone Rock, Vugizo Historical Monument, Gitega National Museum as well as the Bujumbura Live Museum
  • Leisure Activities like  Bird Watching around Lake Rwihinda and Water Sports on Lake Tanganyika

Places to Visit in Burundi

Car Rental Burundi Safaris section features trips & Adventures packages to visit the top-recommended safari places to be explored while on wildlife Safari in Africa that is tailored by Car Rental Experts in Burundi Safaris. The spectacular landscapes coupled with the different tourist sites have made Burindi a highly sought after destination for tourists.  The list below highlights some of the best tourist attractions that you can visit while in Burundi.

  • Saga Beach

Saga beach is a very attractive and quite charming beach that extends along the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The attractive white sand dotted with shady trees and the gentle water waves make the beach an ideal place to unwind.

  • Rubavu National Park

The Ruvubu National Park lies on either side of river Ruvubu along Burundi’s east coast. It is a safe haven for various animals like crocodiles, hippos, leopards, buffalos, monkeys, lions and antelopes plus a wealth of bird species and flowers. The park was primarily established to safeguard the endangered animal and bird species and this saw several human settlements evacuated from this area.

  • Karera Falls

Kagera is one of the most outstanding attractions in Burundi and is a very popular site among tourists. The exotic waters of the Karera falls are believed to possess healing powers that act as a medication for the human body.

  • Burundi Museums

The Burundi Museums give tourists an opportunity to learn about the past culture and interesting traditions of Burundi. Some of the most popular museums in Burundi include Musee National de Gitega popularly referred to as Gitega National Museum which was established in 1995 and houses several significant musical items, and Musee Vivant de Bujumbura found in Bujumbura the capital city.

  • Kibira National Park

The Kibira National Park is a perfect destination for particularly adventurous tourists who love wildlife. The park is renowned for the numerous resident primates which include Chimpanzees, Red Colobus Monkeys, crested Mangabeys, baboons and many others. There are over 200 bird species, 644 plant species and close to 96 different animal species.

Why Select Burundi for Safari in Africa

The Republic of Burundi has numerous National parks & Game Reserves that protect a huge selection of animals both wildlife & primates which are open for expeditions to Africa Animals in Burundi National parks include Big Five’ to reptiles, warthogs, and antelopes.

The focus in Burundi is to offer visitors a far more close wildlife experience in regions of natural beauty, as well as offer them some freedom to discover on their own terms. This isn’t a place for huge tourism plus convoys of cars or trucks however, walks to discover the bush and also track uncommon species such as black and white rhinos.

Along with traditional 4wd plus walking safaris, a number of Burundi’s reserves may as well be explored using a mountain bike or on horseback. In many reserves, tourists are allowed to move around alone, without a guide or even a ranger.


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